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As the functionality in Dynamics 365 grows I find there are more options and check boxes which I have no idea what they do, today I came across a check box called Include entity metadata


Dynamics 365 developers should not be comfortable using functionality you don’t fully understand because it could cause you problems later and sometimes once you enable a setting it cannot disabled, such as setting entities values

  • Business process flows
  • An entity being an activity
  • Connections
  • Queues
  • Activities

Entity ownership can cause problems when you need to apply security to organisation entity – CRM Entity ownershipHow do you decide?, you need to get the decision right first time or don’t make it organisational if you think there is a chance it will need security.

Dynamics professionals are craftsman (Are you a Dynamics Craftsman or a…

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Retrieve records using Fetch XML & Java Script

Goal: Retrieve entity data using FetchXML & Javascript Process: Step 1: download Xrm svc Toolkit, and download the Zip folder. Unzip XrmServiceToolkit the folder. Step 2: Open the XrmServiceToolkit folder, you can find the below Javascript files. Jquery Json2 XrmServiceToolkit XrmServiceToolkit.min Goto Microsoft Dynamics 365 >> Settings >> Customization >> Webresources. Upload these files into MSD 365 solution. Step 3: Add all these 3 files to the target entity's... Continue Reading →

Ribbon workbench publishing issue: No SOAP Envelope in response

Recently, while working on a government project (MSD 365-V8 On Premice environment), I faced this weird issue that my ribbon workbench was not publishing anything, not even the single entity without any change. whenever I try to publish the entity, he was throwing below exception... 'No SOAP Envelope in response' The screenshot is attached for... Continue Reading →

Populate user lookup from JavaScript

Populating lookup filed is little different than the normal attributes population in MSD 365. Here is the example of system user population with JavaScript. Here are some related functions to get User's information ... getUserId >> Xrm.Page.context.getUserId() is responsible to get the GUID of the SystemUser.Id value for the current user. getUserName >> Xrm.Page.context.getUserName() is responsible to get a text string of the username... Continue Reading →

Auto-Save Editable sub-grid

If you are working with editable grid, then there is a very common problem user faces that they always forget to save that grid and proceed further with the next business step on MSD 365 form. The strange part is when the user makes some changes on the grid and saves the data, data won't... Continue Reading →

Colourful MSD View

Explanation: Create JavaScript library with below function code  Sample JavaScript Code function displayIconTooltip(rowData, userLCID) { var str = JSON.parse(rowData); var col_data = str.soft_fieldName_Value; var imgName = ""; var tooltip = "{" + col_data + "}"; switch (col_data) { case 1: //Fulfiled imgName = "soft_Green"; tooltip = "Fulfilled Completetly"; $('span:contains("Fulfiled")').closest('tr').css('background-color', 'green'); break; case 2: //Partial imgName... Continue Reading →

MSD 365: October ’18 release

The October ’18 wave of business application releases from Microsoft provides you with significant capabilities to transform your business. These new services and capabilities become available starting in October 2018.  Enhancements to Dynamics 365 applications include hundreds of new capabilities across Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Portals, Omni-channel Engagement Hub, Field Service, Project Service, Social Engagement, Finance... Continue Reading →

Refresh MSD form

When we need to refresh MSD CRM/365 form all the time, I mean whenever there is change on the record, the form has to refresh to populate new values. The workaround for this is, add 'ModifiedOn' field on the form and trigger below JavaScript function on change of it.  function RefreshForm() { //Needed to set... Continue Reading →

Creating empty XRM Environment in PowerApps

Good one !! There was a one of the seminar on the same topic in CRM Saturday-Sydney by Guy Riddle.  It was awesome. As well, I was looking for that process, and this is the one.   Thanks !! Courtesy: https://bettercrm.blog If you are following the latest news regarding Dynamics 365 ecosystem, you are probably aware of... Continue Reading →

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