New features in MS CRM 2015


  1. Create / Update with just a single request

Previously, In CRM we have check if data exist then update else create data, but now using

‘UpsertRequest ‘ request we can achieve it.

Here is the example

// Define the Alternate key which uniquely identifies the record

KeyAttributeCollection acckeys = new KeyAttributeCollection();

acckeys.Add(“accountnumber”, “ASH001″);

// Create Account entity object by specifying the entity logical name and Alternate key

Entity accountEntity = new Entity(“account”,acckeys);

// Specify fields to update

accountEntity[“name”] = “Account 001″;

accountEntity[“telephone1”] = “23457567”;

// Create Upsert request

UpsertRequest upreq = new UpsertRequest();

upreq.Target = accountEntity;

// Execute Upsert request

UpsertResponse response = (UpsertResponse)_service.Execute(upreq);

For more details explore this link

  1. Alternate Key

Alternate key is one of the new thing MS CRM introduced in ‘Update 1’, using alternate a unique key will be defined with combination of multiple column, similar to composite key. This key can be configured with CRM or using SDK.

To explore more about this use this link

  1. Plugin/custom workflow tracing log

Plugin/custom workflow tracing is visible directly in CRM, it is introduced in 2015 update 1 in ‘plug-In Trace Log’ entity. Also we can on/off exception any time in CRM through system setting.

To explore more use this link

  1. Look & feel changes

There some changes has been made in ribbon, we can chose color of entity tile.

To explore more use this link

  1. Business Process flows changes

Now we can trigger JS

To explore more Use this link

  1. New search

New search is introduced on blue ribbon, it will find in all over CRM system for provide key.

  1. Calculated field

New calculated filled is introduced.

Calculated fields can be configured for multiple CRM entities and will reference other fields in the same entity, or fields in related entities.

  1. Improved   Business Rule

Now new business rule is available with AND, OR, IF….Else features

  1. More features

To know more about CRM 2o15

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