Bulk insert / update by SDK for MS CRM

Some times we need to insert / update bulk data in to CRM. By traditional data upsert takes too much time, so MS CRM introduced bulk upsert.

Sending a large number of individual organization message requests over a network, as you would do in a bulk data import operation, is affected by network performance. For improved performance, Microsoft Dynamics CRM support batching of requests into a single web service method call.

Performance of bulk data upsert is very good. Please find below the sample code of it. in provided code it saves data in CRM by 900 records batch. limit of batch is 1000. If your batch limit goes beyond 1000 then code will break, please note.

Bulk insert example

Bulk insert example

For more details please refer this link

To improve performance of bulk insert we can use parallel loop, parallel loop will improve performance by multiple times. to know more about this concept go here and here


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