Get data from Dynamics CRM 2015 to Power BI using connector

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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM content pack for Power BI Preview allows you to easily access and analyze CRM data in Power BI. The content pack uses the OData feed to create a descriptive model, with all the entities and measures needed such as Accounts, Activities, Opportunities, Product, Leads, Users and more.

After you have Power BI subscription, Click Get Data on the welcome screen.

Select Microsoft Dynamics CRM and click Connect.


Make sure your popup blocker is disabled or is set to allow popups from

Provide the OData URL associated with your account. This will be in the form “ ”

When prompted, provide your credentials (this step might be skipped if you are already signed in with your browser). For Authentication Method, enter oAuth2 and click Sign In:

After connecting, you’ll see a dashboard customized for a Sales Manager, populated with your own data:

For more information…

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CRM 2011 – Setting a state and status of an entity using a plugin

Good one.

Here is code to change status

public void updateChargeState(Guid chargeId)

SetStateRequest setState = new SetStateRequest();

setState.EntityMoniker = new EntityReference();

setState.EntityMoniker.Id = chargeId;

setState.EntityMoniker.Name = “Charge”;

setState.EntityMoniker.LogicalName = new_charge.EntityLogicalName;

setState.State = new OptionSetValue(1);
setState.Status = new OptionSetValue(951850001);
SetStateResponse setStateResponse = (SetStateResponse)service.Execute(setState);

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I had created a charge entity.  I was creating charge entities of certain values when certain things had happened on regarding cases.  When a case was created it created a charge entity linked to the case, account and product etc for a certain value.

Then when other status were reached a workflow would fire off and create more charge entity’s.  Then at a certain point the user wanted to create an invoice for all the charge entities which had not been assigned to an invoice.

So I created a plugin which when a new invoice is created it goes off and searches for all the charge entities which are not been associated with an invoice.  It then assigns the newly created invoice, adds a date and then I wanted to make the charge entity inactive.  I created a new inactive state called Invoiced.  The reason I wanted to do this…

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