MS Dynamics CRM insatlaltion

And finally, I got chance to install MS Dynamics CRM. I was waiting for this for longtime. Well, to install MS CRM 2013, you have to complete prerequisite, then only your CRM installation will be complete. so please go thru it. Download MS CRM from Microsoft site and execute it before that, it you are installing MS…

Prettify Entity Form in CRM 2013

Originally posted on Stephanus' Blog:
You may find the look and feel of entity forms in CRM 2013 a bit too plain. The following customisation attempts to “prettify” them using CSS loaded using JavaScript. What the CSS does: give a background colour and borders to the form header to make a better distinction between header…

CRM 2016 on the way ..!!

Dynamics CRM 2016 is coming soon. Many new features were added, like excel integration, SMS marketing, CRM App for Outlook, OneDrive integration with CRM, Document Generation etc. Here is the release preview pdf Microsoft_Dynamics_CRM_2016_Release_Preview_Guide