MS Dynamics CRM insatlaltion

And finally, I got chance to install MS Dynamics CRM. I was waiting for this for longtime. Well, to install MS CRM 2013, you have to complete prerequisite, then only your CRM installation will be complete. so please go thru it.

  1. Download MS CRM from Microsoft site and execute it
  2. before that, it you are installing MS CRM on MS Windows Server 2012 then you might needs to resolve some issue. Here is resolution for it.
  3. Now execute MS CRM setup, it will launch installation wizard, ref below screen


4. click on ‘Install MS Dynamics CRM server’, it will ask you extract location, just select from you local server for it, ref below screen


5. After folder selection, installation wizard will extract the setup


6. Then, wizard will ask for current update, once you allow it, it will download the latest updates from Microsoft portal. ref below screenshots

4 5

7. Click ‘Next’ button to proceed, it will ask for product key, just put it and click next and check agreement checkbox and click ‘I Accept’ button for next step.

6 7

8. Then wizard will check some prerequisite, it wizard won’t found those, it will show following error window.


9. But don’t worry, just click ‘install’ button to install missing components, it will bang a pop to download missing components, to continue click ‘Yes’ button.


10. it will download and install the it.

10 11

11. Now, its time to select installation location on your local server, select it and click next to proceed


12. Select rules which you want, I kept all selected as it is ..


13. Now, you select either ‘Create New Development’ to create new environment or ‘Connect to, and if necessary, upgrade existing deployment’ to upgrade existing environment. I was creating new one, so I chose first option and click next to continue installation ..


14. Select organization unit from your foldes and click next


15. Select ‘NT authority’ as shown below image and click next.


16. Choose one option and proceed


17. Specify your Email Router server, or you can put it after installation, click next to proceed further


18. Give your organization name, DB name for same organizations, currency and its symbol etc. click next.


19. Specify your reporting server URL and proceed further, its mandatory.


20. select your choice and click next.

22 23

21. after this wizard will display a dashboard of system check, then click next to continue installation


22. its just warning, you  can ignore or just restart the service mentioned and go ahead


23. its a dashboard of org information, then click next to proceed further


24. just wait to complete the setup….


25. Done, you can have look on log file to confirm that everything is installed correctly, now just click finish button to finish the installation setup.


That’s it. Now you can use your newly created MS Dynamics CRM organization. In start menu you will find MS CRM deployment manager to manage deployment or create new organization or import any other organization.

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