Business Process flow : Auto Switch from One stage to Next stage without user interaction

Amiz crm

Once user entered all the mandatory fields in current stage the system will move from current stage to next stage. For example, Currently in Opportunity we have the business process flow. In this BPF we have 4 stages and inside the stage we have multiple fields. When we are creating new opportunity, the opportunity stage comes to Qualify. In this Qualify stage we have some mandatory fields. Once user fill all the mandatory fields the system automatically move to next Stage( Develop).

AS IS functionality


When user fills the all mandatory fields, the system automatically moves to next stage without user manual click.


For using this logic, We need to do some validations. In each stages which are the fields are mandatory, we need to assign our functions(autoSwitchProcessFlow) for that fields onchange events. This function is used to check all the mandatory fields in the active stage are…

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