Linq query on EntityCollection


Querying SQL database all the time may affect performance so some time we can pull the generic data and then query on that result collection may give better result.

Here is the example of it,

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Common duplicate detection rule


In MS CRM we have duplicate detection rule to detect duplicate entity records, but it will give you a simple popup (ref below screen), but it not stops you to create duplicate.

But many times we needs a hard stop for duplicate, we can achieve this by writing simple plugin, that will be reusable for any entity. Here is the sample of it

Note: I assuming that name is unique here. but it can modified with some other or more attributes

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Solution import issue – CRM’13

Few days ago, we created a new CRM (2013) server with few organisation. Now we want to make older and newly created organisation in sync. Thus, I created a un-managed solution and tried to import it in newly created org, but it failed with following error (ref below screen shot)

solution imprt

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