Configuration Migration Utility


The main purpose for the Configuration Migration tool is to migrate configuration data that is usually stored within custom entities from a source master development environment into a package that can be deployed onto a target live environment. The tool can also be used to package up some sample data say for a product add-on to demo how to use it.

issue: GUID’s must in sync to use this tool else it will copy the data but not able to resolve the lookup.

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‘Save and close’ button issue


We were facing issue in ‘Save and Close’ button for an entity form. What happens, on first click of ‘Save and Close’ button, it just refresh the page, neither getting saved nor even getting closed.

Thus, after big research, we come to know its happening only if we are using two buttons on command bar then only this persist.

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Make Rich text editor read only

CK editor

Recently we had requirement of adding RichText HTML control in MS CRM for few attributes (add RichText HTML editor in MS CRM ). On implementation of it, client demand to make it read only / editable based on some condition. so that implementation is ..

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Common plugin for Deactivate / Delete all associated entity

Its walk-through for deactivating all associated (1:N) records. Steps for that are

  1. Create plugin
  2. Register and create steps

Create plugin

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Trigger plugin using Action


There are many scenarios that we needs to trigger plugin from ribbon / command bar. For this kind of scenario what we do, we create dummy entity and then call some message from JavaScript of  that dummy entity to trigger our plugin (you can explore this example from here ). This is what we do for MS CRM 2011, but from MS CRM 2013 onward, Microsoft CRM introduced ‘Action’ process.

Using Action we can trigger plugin, steps for that are …

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MS CRM Plugin debugging


To debug plugin, we have two ways, One is explained in below provided link, I will explain the other.

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Date Time in MS CRM

Date-time conversion to local ….

Using the SOAP endpoint, you will always get a UTC date, to get into a local date on a client (assuming that the client has their datetime set correctly) use DateTime.ToLocalTime, but if you can’t guarentee the time zone settings then use ..

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Add Attachments to Entity


Attaching file in MS CRM through coding ,

Many times we needs to add different documents as an attachments to note, thus thought to share it ..

I explored, PDF, Word, Excel, Text file only, but i belive same code can be useful for other types of documents as well. Thus only Text file and PDF file complete function ahs been provided as an example and for rest only change of that document. That change belongs to  “mimetype”   only, rest part is same.

Word file : only change mimetype in below PDF code

// Set the type of attachment
note.MimeType = @"application\ms-word";

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Consume web service from plugin


Many times, during our MS CRM development we needs to interact with other application, we called it ‘integration’, we have multiple ways for it

  1. we can write stand alone application for it, which will interact both the application
  2. consume web service or open same for outside world etc …

First of all, make sure that provided sample SOAP is working fins with provided end points, so it will save your lots of efforts, you will get plenty of applications over the net. I used used one of it, you may use it by downloading it from here. This application looks like below,

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