How MS CRM identify new line in data


one of requirement we had from client is add </br> for new line for “Description”, when we forward that data to another application from SOAP call.

But problem was, we cannot put that </br> in CRM field because its not looks good and many time user copy – pest data from some other document that time also we can not ask user to add ‘BR’  tag on each new line and even its not feasible. 

When we read data with SDK, it shows exact description but there no new line identifier.

Hence, I started analysis for this, even I was eager to know that how CRM identify that this is a new line.

After an hour, I learned that, CRM puts ‘/n’ when we press ‘Enter’ button and for copy – pest he puts ‘/r’ for new line.

After this my job was easy i just used string.Repalce(“/n”, “</br>”).Replace(“/r”, “</br>”) .


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