Special privileges in CRM Security Roles

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There are several privileges in Dynamics CRM that control access to things like settings and user personalisation features, rather than data records. If users are missing some of these then they might not be able to sign in to CRM at all, or might not be able to use it properly. In particular, there are six privileges that can only be set at User level

Privileges that can be set at “User” Level only

There are a few privileges that you can only set to User level or None in any security role. Five of the entities for which this is true are on the Core Records tab, and you can easily find out which they are by looking at the System Administrator security role (shown below). Even this “super user” does not have global rights to these items so they stand out as the only rows not covered in…

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4 thoughts on “Special privileges in CRM Security Roles

  1. We are using Dynamics CRM 2013 as the basis for a system where segregation of cases etc between teams is critical (the data relates to social welfare cases). This in itself has caused a lot of headaches however we managed to make it work.

    Now we would like to limit user interaction with the dashboards that we provide.

    Is there any straightforward way to hide the “+” and “view” buttons that show up on a user dashboard please?

    And whilst here might as well ask.. how can we disable that dangerous “Advanced Find” link from working for users? Is there a particular permission to turn it off for them?



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