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I believe Dynamics 365 developers should get one certification each year, they don’t have to be Dynamics 365 certifications (scrum/.Net/Azure/Architecture) but if Dynamics 365 is your main tool you should have in-depth knowledge.

Why get certified?

I take the customisation and configuration certification for every release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365,this helps me keep up with the latest features added into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and refresh my knowledge on the other features I don’t use much.

To help me learn the information I create study notes which I share

CRM 2016Tips on passing the MB2-712 customization and config exam

The benefit of the certification isn’t the certification itself but…

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CRM Manipulation Library – Custom Workflow Activities for CRM 2016

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Recently we used the CRM Manipulation Library for some Days related calculation.


To use it in CRM 2016, we updated the references to use latest SDK assemblies. You could download it form here.


While working with it we found a strange issue,

If we are using Add Days and we do not specify any value to Days to Add it will not perform any calculation. The workaround suggested was to add 1 Week and remove 7 days, something of that sort. Basically, we wanted to add 2 minutes here.

Thanks to this post for that


Hope it helps..

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Error: AliasedValue – Key not found

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