LinkEntity issue with ‘Partyid’

Today, I was working with LinkEntity for 'PartyId', So I want all appointment where specific account or contact is in the required field and is connected to a specific entity. Thus, I created 3 appointments on the entity and wrote following query... QueryExpression appointmentQuery = new QueryExpression("appointment"); appointmentQuery.ColumnSet = new ColumnSet("activityid", "requiredattendees", "optionalattendees", "regardingobjectid", "createdon", "scheduledstart", "soft_consulationsubtypeid",... Continue Reading →


How can I work out the time spent in each stage of a business process?

Business Problem: I want to know how long is spent in my business process by stage and by user how can I achieve this with no code? The solution is actually quite simple if you are the latest release of Dynamics 365. The key to the solution is the fact that Dynamics now maintains the... Continue Reading →

A Firefox Add On for MS CRM Users

Firefox have Add-in which is very helpful for MS CRM developers,  Just like Crom extension helps MS CRM developers.  The CRM Power Pane is a helper tool designed to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM application and allow you to manipulate forms or perform actions faster throughout the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application . It has following... Continue Reading →

Linq Entity with filter

Many times we need to joins with filters in one entity or both of them. Here is the simple sample ... var tcIncentiveId = new Guid("31EE1300-AA49-E711-8100-000D3AD073D7"); //context.Trace("trace " + tcIncentiveId); Entity tcincentive = service.Retrieve("aams_tcincentive", tcIncentiveId, new ColumnSet(true)); //first entity - QueryExpression queryFirstEntity = new QueryExpression("soft_tcincentive"); //first entity columns to fetch queryFirstEntity.ColumnSet = new ColumnSet("soft_tcincentiveid"); //first... Continue Reading →

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