Deprecation in Customer Engagement in Dynamics 365


Many changes are done in new update of Dynamics 365, here are those 

  1. outlook client
  2. Service Scheduling ==> deprecated from service management and will be handled in USD
  3. Dialogs ==> This is removed from Dynamics 365 and the same feature will be available in ‘Mobile Task Flows’
  4. Parature Knowledge Base
  5. Project Service ==> The legacy application will be supported for associated legacy Project Service Automation releases in accordance with Microsoft’s Modern Lifecycle Policy.
  6. Contract, Contract line items and  Contact Templates entities ==> This has been replaced by ‘Entitlements ‘
  7. Standard SLA ==> REplaced by enhanced SLA, More information: TechNet: Enhanced service level agreements
  8. Relationship Roles ==> Replaced by ‘Connection Role’. More information: Help and Training: Create connections to view relationships between records.
  9. Mail Merge ==> Replaced by server-side document generation using Word and Excel templates. More information: Help & Training: Create Word and Excel templates from Dynamics 365 data
  10.  Announcements
  11. Ready-to-use business processes available through the Add Ready-to-Use Business Processes setting (Settings>Data Management>Add Ready-to-Use Business Processes) are deprecated. You can find ready-to-use business processes on Microsoft AppSource.
  12. Some client APIs are deprecated, Here is the list
    1. Xrm.Page  ==> ExecutionContext.getFormContext
    2. Xrm.Page.context ==> Xrm.Utility.getGlobalContext
    3. Xrm.Page.context.getQueryStringParameters ==>
    4. Xrm.Page.context.getTimeZoneOffsetMinutes => globalContext.userSettings.getTimeZoneOffsetMinut
    5. Xrm.Page.context.getUserId => globalContext.userSettings.userId
    6. …and many more …
  13. EntityMetadata.IsInteractionCentricEnabled property
  14. The Silverlight (XAP) web resource is replaced by HTML web resources with HTML5

for more details please click here. Reference from Microsoft Support.


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