Scheduling Workflows With Microsoft Flow

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I recently attended the MVP Summit in Redmond and one of the highlights was a ‘Developers vs Value-Adders’ cage match. Essentially, a business problem was presented and the two sides gave a solution using code and configuration respectively. The referee (me) judged the best response for each problem.


One problem that came up, courtesy of Jonas ‘The Friendly Developer’ Rapp was a classic bugbear in Dynamics 365: the issue of scheduling workflows.


If you are unfamiliar with the bulk delete job engine trick aka the ‘Wittemann Manoeuvre’, this was a workaround pioneered by MVP veteran Matt ‘Freakin’ Wittemann so many years ago. In short, you used the Bulk Delete scheduler to run a workflow.

So, given Matt came up with this trick about five years ago, is there another codeless way to achieve the same end with the new tools available to us? The answer is Flow.

Scheduling Workflows with…

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Call action with input & output parameters

Many times we need to send and or receive parameters from plugin to JavaScript and vice a versa. So here are the steps for it... Create an action with input & output entity reference parameters. Make sure all parameters are required. In your JS code function CreateWID(firstEntiryGuid, secondEntityGuid) {       var data =... Continue Reading →

Setting up a visual hierarchy on a custom entity

Hierarchy visualisation can be configured in MSD 365, its pretty easy. Here are the steps for it. Create a lookup field, while creating it keep Hierarchical = Yes Keep it on form to select parent record  Now go to Customisation >> Your Entity >> Hierarchy Settings Click on New >> Name = name the hierarchy... Continue Reading →

FetchXML Query with NOT-IN

If you want to get all available Resources of specific Resource Category that don't have any booking for the particular period with FetchXML,  I tried NOT-IN clause and landed in following error, Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: Unknown Condition Operator: not- in at Microsoft.Crm.Platform.QuerySerializationUtil.ConditionOperatorFromString(String operatorText) But OUTER join worked for the scenario and it gave the correct result. With small... Continue Reading →

Web API and plural names

JavaScript Plural name issue almost killed us, following post saved us. 🙂 CRM 2016 Web API and plural names Thanks for the post.

{Quick Tip} Plugin registration tool stopped connecting to Dynamics 365

Saved my lot of time, Thanks Deepesh. Keep it up the good work… 🙂


In case you have been trying to get the Dynamics 365 SDK plugin registration tool to work for latest version of Dynamics 365 online and facing issues like this one:

· At making a connection stage the tool keeps on circling all the data centres and still does not connect and gives error such as Bad username or password

· Error during connection such as Bad request

· IF you pick specific data centre also, still get error while connecting.

Well, you need to download the latest plugin registration tool. Following simple steps help to download Dynamics 365 9.0 tools:

You can follow below steps with screens or for more details information look into Microsoft docs link

1. Open Power Shell from windows menu.

2. Navigate to folder location where tools will download.


3. Copy Paste following command in PowerShell command( referred from the Microsoft Link).

$sourceNugetExe = “”


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