Setting up a visual hierarchy on a custom entity


Hierarchy visualisation can be configured in MSD 365, its pretty easy. Here are the steps for it.

  1. Create a lookup field, while creating it keep Hierarchical = Yes
  2. Keep it on form to select parent record
  3.  Now go to Customisation >> Your Entity >> Hierarchy Settings
  4. Visual-Hierarchy-setting-creation
  5. Click on New >>
    1. Name = name the hierarchy setting
    2. Default Quick view form = Select existing form or Create new form,  all the attribute from this view will be visible on hierarchy card
    3. Hierarchical relationship = Select you newly created relation
  6. save it once done
  7. … and that’s it, done!!
  8. Now to set it open any record, and set value in that lookup and save
  9. in same way set the hierarchy for all records.
  10. It will look like below

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