Field Service: Sample data installation

field service

While studying Field Service, Field Service installation is not enough,  we need to install sample data or seed data in the environment, so we will get clear idea of how its looks like and we can play with that sample data just like real one.

As well, it can be used for demo purpose.

So here are the steps to install sample data for Field Service…

  1. The installation package for sample data for Field Service is available on the Microsoft Download Center, download it on your system.8
  2. execute that file by double clicking on it, it will ask location to extract the data files on the system.                                            9
  3. Provide your desired location and hit OK button to proceed  10
  4.  It will create a Zip/compressed file          11
  5. Extract that zip/compressed file                                             12
  6. Jump in to that file and look for ‘FS_PkgFolder’ folder       13
  7. Open that folder and look for ‘DemoDataConfig’ file   14
  8. Its a XML file, in that file change ‘David So’ to new name and save and close that XML file                                                    15
  9. Now, go back to the main folder ‘FieldServiceDemoData’ and look for ‘PackageDeployer’               16
  10. Execute it, it will launch a Package Deployer wizard. Now we need to just follow it ..17
  11. Select your region and provide user Id and pass-code                   18
  12. On login, you will land up on next window                      19
  13. Just click next,                                   20
  14. ..and next, it will show stats, just like below image                                              21
  15. Now data import is started and it will looks like below …    22
  16. ..and that’s it!!                   23
  17. You are done it!!
  18. Open System, and you will find seed data in the system.


Here is the ref guide for sample data installation from MSDN.

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