Field Service: installation

field service

Filed Service is one of the great feature available with MSD 365, here is the overview of it. Microsoft has developed managed solution for it we can install that in our environment, its available in Dynamics Marketplace.

Here are steps to install that in the environment….

  1.  Open your MSD 365 environment 1
  2. Go to settings >> Dynamics Marketplace 2
  3. It will open ‘Dynamics Marketplace, in Marketplace search for ‘Field Service’,  select ‘Dynamics 365 Field Service’ 3
  4. It will show below window, click continue to proceed the installation4
  5. Installation wizard will show following window …5
  6. In following step, we need to accept agreement,  check the check boxes  6
  7. Then, need to select the organisation to install the Filed Service package 7
  8. … that’s it.. in some time it will show new ‘Field Service’ tile in navigation…
  9. That’s it.


Here is ref guide from MSDN.

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