Field Service: Demo data import issues

demo data

There are so many questions and problems faced by field service developers while Demo data import for field Service. So thought of let’s make write on common issues for demo data import for field service, which I faced during my demo data import.

You can download demo data from here to import into your field service environment. Microsoft already provided a detailed document on how to import demo data to Field Service. you can find that in downloaded files.  But still, while importing this demo data I faced below issues..

Issue: Even Microsoft released a newer version of demo data for filed service. Still, the old field demo data is available on the MSDN,  so please use the new one, named ‘FPSDemoData_v2_0_0_10’, don’t use the old one, named ‘FS_Demo_Data’

Issue: The pre-import process failed: Organisation should have no more than one active ‘msdyn_organisationalunit’.

org issue

Solution: Just keep ‘Fabrikam US’ organizational unit, delete the rest

org sol

Issue: The pre-import process failed: ID for the user with login ‘davids’ not found

User not found

Solution: make sure that ‘davids’ is in your system in the system user, if the specified user does not exist in the system then please add in the system

Solution: Change configuration file so it will point to an active user

Solution: in Login row insert just first part of the username, not full Login name, for example, the full user name is ‘’ then use only ‘vijay’

User not found sol

Issue: Renaming Default Work Order Template failed with error: ID for User with login ‘davids’ not found

workhour issue

Solution: Configure work hours for the user which is mentioned in the error

Solution: or time is not configured properly for the user

Issue: One of my colleagues faced the weird issue that ‘new_opportunity’ not found in the system.

Solution: This attribute was not created properly, not able to figure out why. But for this issue, there are two solutions…

First is to recreate the demo environment. 

Second, remove that attribute from system and seed data.

Find the attribute in seed data (in data_schema.xml and data.xml) and remove all lines belongs to it, ex


and then remove scheduling enabled for the Opportunity as shown below. Traverse to Administration of Resource Scheduling and open Opportunity (enable scheduling) and delete it.

new opportunity

new opportunity delete

Enjoy With Field Service!!

Cheers!! J

5 thoughts on “Field Service: Demo data import issues

  1. Hi,

    thanks for this wonderful post.

    When I try to import the data from FPSDemoData_v2_0_0_10.exe into a brandnew trial it throws an error:
    “Solution ProjectService has version, which is outside of allowed versions range ( –”.


  2. Hi Moko,

    Thanks for kind words.

    Well, looks like, Microsoft released the new PSA version but not its DemoData version. So, either you need to degrade your PSA version (uninstall the current installed latest PSA version and import the old PSA version if possible) or ask Microsoft for the newer version of DemoData for PSA(For this, you can raise the ticket with Microsoft even its trial version).



  3. Hi,

    I would like to thank you very much for this information.
    I’m working as Dynamics CRM support Engineer for Microsoft and you have no idea how many people refer to your data after i deploy sample data to my CRM org and faced the same issues mentioned above.
    After following your instructions this indeed resolve my issue.
    Since i have a confirmation on the steps that are working i’m referring not only MS clients but also other employees and even implement some of the issues in out training process to familiarize our colleagues how to deal with such issues.

    Thanks once again


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