Dynamics 365 Portals: Configuration

Why we need portal.. ? in short, we need it for ….

  1. Customer Engagement
  2. Customer Self-Help
  3. Partner Engagement
  4. Employee Engagement
  5. Custom Portal Framework
  6. You can configure multiple portals for same environment too..

Portal Configuration:

  1. Go to MSD’s Admin and click on Dynamics 365 link

2. It will show you list of all environments, on that screen click on Solutions…

3. It will show list all applications installed in the environment, in that list just find Portal one named ‘Portal Add-On’ , and you can see its not yet configured ..

4. Now, by selecting that application, click manage button on right side … Portal wizard will ask for some details…

5. Here you can put any name and URL ….. but don’t worry much you can edit both of them any time in future …

6. Once everything is provided, submit the details and accept the terms and conditions …

7. Once submitted, be patient now .. and wait for some time, mine took around 35 min…

8. Now, if you check in applications, it will show portal installation is in progress ..

9. … and in some time, your portal will be there ….

That’s it!!

Now, its time to play with it and adjust it based on your requirement… Explore more ..

Well, you can configure multiple Portals as well!!

Each environment will have one free portal, but if you want to configure more that one then you can… but its not available for trial environment and that add-on is paid one and you cannot install two portals of the same type.. 🙂

Click here to explore more on same topic..


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