Web API and plural names

JavaScript Plural name issue almost killed us, following post saved us. 🙂 CRM 2016 Web API and plural names Thanks for the post.


Exception: “There is no active transaction. This error is usually caused by custom plug-ins that ignore errors from service calls and continue processing”

Exception: "There is no active transaction. This error is usually caused by custom plug-ins that ignore from service calles and continue processing"   Sometime because of this problem CRM behaves very weird, but it won't throws any exception. Resolution 1: This is a bug that you can fix by deactivating the “ActivityFeeds plugin” regarding the entity that generated... Continue Reading →

Get complete trace through multiple level plugins

  While extending MSD CRM with complicated business requirements, we write many plugins; one plugin triggers from another plugin's create or update. In such a scenarios if one of child plugin breaks then it will provide only current plugins trace, it's very hard to analyse that particular scenario or replicate that same scenario in Dev environment without the proper... Continue Reading →

Plugin debugging

Have you ever stuck in a situation where the plugin working perfectly in a test environment but not the SIT/UAT/Production environment? Remote debugging might be a tricky setup in most of the production server because of the firewall constraint or even many times developer does not have access to the following environment. In such situation... Continue Reading →

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