Field Service: installation

Filed Service is one of the great feature available with MSD 365, here is the overview of it. Microsoft has developed managed solution for it we can install that in our environment, its available in Dynamics Marketplace. Here are steps to install that in the environment....  Open your MSD 365 environment  Go to settings >> … Continue reading Field Service: installation


Get complete trace through multiple level plugins

  While extending MSD CRM with complicated business requirements, we write many plugins; one plugin triggers from another plugin's create or update. In such a scenarios if one of child plugin breaks then it will provide only current plugins trace, it's very hard to analyse that particular scenario or replicate that same scenario in Dev environment without the proper … Continue reading Get complete trace through multiple level plugins

Plugin debugging

Have you ever stuck in a situation where the plugin working perfectly in a test environment but not the SIT/UAT/Production environment? Remote debugging might be a tricky setup in most of the production server because of the firewall constraint or even many times developer does not have access to the following environment. In such situation … Continue reading Plugin debugging

LinkEntity issue with ‘Partyid’

Today, I was working with LinkEntity for 'PartyId', So I want all appointment where specific account or contact is in the required field and is connected to a specific entity. Thus, I created 3 appointments on the entity and wrote following query... QueryExpression appointmentQuery = new QueryExpression("appointment"); appointmentQuery.ColumnSet = new ColumnSet("activityid", "requiredattendees", "optionalattendees", "regardingobjectid", "createdon", "scheduledstart", "soft_consulationsubtypeid", … Continue reading LinkEntity issue with ‘Partyid’

Error: AliasedValue – Key not found

Error: Key not found in Link Entity QueryExpression (Ref above image). Solution Sample Code  QueryExpression queryTcMilestone = new QueryExpression("soft_tcmilestone"); queryTcMilestone.ColumnSet = new ColumnSet("soft_tcmilestoneid", "soft_amount", "soft_milestonedate"); queryTcMilestone.Criteria.AddCondition("statecode", ConditionOperator.Equal, 0); queryTcMilestone.Criteria.AddCondition("soft_incentiveid", ConditionOperator.Equal, tcIncentiveId); queryTcMilestone.AddOrder("soft_milestonedate", OrderType.Descending); LinkEntity linkClaim = new LinkEntity() { LinkFromEntityName = "soft_tcmilestone", LinkFromAttributeName = "soft_claimid", LinkToEntityName = "soft_claim", LinkToAttributeName = "soft_claimid", JoinOperator = JoinOperator.Inner, Columns … Continue reading Error: AliasedValue – Key not found

CRM 2011 Chart Enhancements

With the advent of R7/Update Rollup 5 from CRM 2011.  The ability to modify charts within the CRM 2011 interface has grown.  However, if you want to take the user chart experience even further, there are still some modifications that you may want to make by exporting the chart out to an .xml file and … Continue reading CRM 2011 Chart Enhancements

Consume Web-request from Plugin

Generally, CRM not works alone, it includes many other application, such time we needs to move data from one application to another. In this situation we needs integration; We do integration with either “HttpWebRequest” or “BasicHttpBinding”.  Explore “HttpWebRequest” implementation here . To consume web-service using “BasicHttpBinding”, I used following way. Created a proxy class for web … Continue reading Consume Web-request from Plugin