Trigger plugin using Action


There are many scenarios that we needs to trigger plugin from ribbon / command bar. For this kind of scenario what we do, we create dummy entity and then call some message from JavaScript of  that dummy entity to trigger our plugin (you can explore this example from here ). This is what we do for MS CRM 2011, but from MS CRM 2013 onward, Microsoft CRM introduced ‘Action’ process.

Using Action we can trigger plugin, steps for that are …

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MS CRM Plugin debugging


To debug plugin, we have two ways, One is explained in below provided link, I will explain the other.

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Add Attachments to Entity


Attaching file in MS CRM through coding ,

Many times we needs to add different documents as an attachments to note, thus thought to share it ..

I explored, PDF, Word, Excel, Text file only, but i belive same code can be useful for other types of documents as well. Thus only Text file and PDF file complete function ahs been provided as an example and for rest only change of that document. That change belongs to  “mimetype”   only, rest part is same.

Word file : only change mimetype in below PDF code

// Set the type of attachment
note.MimeType = @"application\ms-word";

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Configure HTML Rich Text Editor in CRM

CK editor

Recently, i added RichText Editor in MS CRM by supported way, thus thought that let’s share it.

Adding RichText editor in MS CRM is very easy. I used a solution i found on code share and modified that as per my requirements. Here are the steps to add that in MS CRM,

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