Retrieve records using Fetch XML & Java Script

Goal: Retrieve entity data using FetchXML & Javascript Process: Step 1: download Xrm svc Toolkit, and download the Zip folder. Unzip XrmServiceToolkit the folder. Step 2: Open the XrmServiceToolkit folder, you can find the below Javascript files. Jquery Json2 XrmServiceToolkit XrmServiceToolkit.min Goto Microsoft Dynamics 365 >> Settings >> Customization >> Webresources. Upload these files into MSD 365 solution. Step 3: Add all these 3 files to the target entity's... Continue Reading →


Fetch all parents who does not have child

In one of scenario I was looking for all available Assets only, means show only those assets who are available for particular data range. Just like get all parents who does not have any child. So, after some googling i found below way, but i was showing all booked and non booked assets for given... Continue Reading →

FetchXML Query with NOT-IN

If you want to get all available Resources of specific Resource Category that don't have any booking for the particular period with FetchXML,¬† I tried NOT-IN clause and landed in¬†following error, Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: Unknown Condition Operator: not- in at Microsoft.Crm.Platform.QuerySerializationUtil.ConditionOperatorFromString(String operatorText) But OUTER join worked for the scenario and it gave the correct result. With small... Continue Reading →

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