Field Service: Sample data installation

field service

While studying Field Service, Field Service installation is not enough,  we need to install sample data or seed data in the environment, so we will get clear idea of how its looks like and we can play with that sample data just like real one.

As well, it can be used for demo purpose.

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Field Service: overview

field service

Field Service Overview

Field Service capabilities extend Dynamics 365 to provide a complete Field Service management solution. It helps to….

  • Optimize your service schedule with efficient routing, resource skill matching, and reduced travel time.
  • Increase first time fix rates and on-time delivery performance.
  • Enhance real-time communication and collaboration between customer service, dispatch, field agents, and customers.

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Field Service: installation

field service

Filed Service is one of the great feature available with MSD 365, here is the overview of it. Microsoft has developed managed solution for it we can install that in our environment, its available in Dynamics Marketplace.

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Setting up a visual hierarchy on a custom entity


Hierarchy visualisation can be configured in MSD 365, its pretty easy. Here are the steps for it. Continue reading “Setting up a visual hierarchy on a custom entity”

Dynamics 365 CRM Sales Process Life Cycle

Dynamics 365 CRM Sales process is a streamlined business process to generate potential sales opportunity for the business. Here we will discuss how the sales process works and the life cycle of a typical sales process in Dynamics 365 CRM.

We will learn the below topics regarding Sales Life Cycle,

  • Lead Capture
  • Account Creation
  • Contact setup
  • Opportunity management
  • Product Catalog
  • Quote Management
  • Order Management
  • Invoice management
  • Sales Business Process

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