10 Things in Microsoft Flow that isn’t in Azure Logic Apps

Reshared blog, here is the original one. Sorry about the catchy headline.  I will start by saying I am perfectly ready to see a response post containing 20 things in Azure Logic Apps that we wish are in Microsoft Flow.  The point of this post isn't about whether one product is better than another product,... Continue Reading →


Field Service: Demo data import issues

There are so many questions and problems faced by field service developers while Demo data import for field Service. So thought of let's make write on common issues for demo data import for field service, which I faced during my demo data import. You can download demo data from here to import into your field service... Continue Reading →

Field Service: Sample data installation

While studying Field Service, Field Service installation is not enough,  we need to install sample data or seed data in the environment, so we will get clear idea of how its looks like and we can play with that sample data just like real one. As well, it can be used for demo purpose. So... Continue Reading →

Schedule anything with Universal Resource Scheduling

Schedule anything in Dynamics 365 using Universal Resource Scheduling. You can enable scheduling for any entity including custom entities. For example, you can enable scheduling for the opportunity form and schedule marketing visits for your opportunities. You can also do this for the case form and schedule time to work on cases. This is applicable... Continue Reading →

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