MS CRM Plugin debugging

To debug plugin, we have two ways, One is explained in below provided link, I will explain the other. debugging plugin in above provided way is good but still its not that handy, and we need exception for that . But don't we have any other way fro this?..   Yes, we have ..... Continue Reading →


Display Only Date value from Date field in Dynamic CRM Global Email Template

Amiz crm

One of my requirement is to display the date value form date field for my email template. But in CRM 2015, the date value shows with time, eventhough the selected date field as date only format. As Is CRM functionality I tried the below steps.

Create new email template and added my date field in that template using Insert/Update button.

Template date 1

Once I ran that template, I got the following output.

Template date 2

But I need the output as date only (like 1/25/2016).

I open the email template and enter the following text ‘{!lead:estimatedclosedate/@date;}’ and save the template.

Template date 3

Now I ran the template the Output was came with my exception.

Template date 4

I hope this will helps you 🙂

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