Deployments – Asynchronous Solution Import



Often you must have noticed that importing solution often slows down CRM to the extent that it is almost unusable for the period during which the Import action is being processed.

To improve performance, a new request has been introduced in CRM 2013 which supports to importing solutions asynchronously. This is however available only to developers and the Import Solution action from the CRM Interface still locks CRM out for any practical use by CRM users. Continue reading “Deployments – Asynchronous Solution Import”

Deployments – Keep GUID sync


During deployments we have to keep same GUID’s across the environments, it will reduce the over headache like workflow/business rule validation. Here  are some methods ..

Manual Method

Exporting the data out of your DEV CRM (ticking for reimport), turning the files into CSV files, this will have the guid each row.  You can import these into different CRM instances

Create a CRM SDK Console app

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Solution import issue – CRM’13

Few days ago, we created a new CRM (2013) server with few organisation. Now we want to make older and newly created organisation in sync. Thus, I created a un-managed solution and tried to import it in newly created org, but it failed with following error (ref below screen shot)

solution imprt

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{Tips & Tricks} Explore a managed solution’s plugin assembly programmatically in Dynamics CRM Online.

I not tried, but seems worth to share.

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I never find a good title to explain my blog post. So I would rather suggest you read through my entire post even if blog title seems absolutely non-sense Smile.

So coming back to the topic here, first let me tell you why I needed to do all this stuff. My customer environment contained a managed solution which had a utility plugin. The solution was developed by some consultant company who was working for my customer initially. The source code for the managed solution was with the consultant firm. Unfortunately during handover, the source code handover got missed.

My client is running CRM 2015 online and all of a sudden, this managed assembly started throwing error. It contained some cool stuffs. So we cannot get rid of it. After multiple discussions with our client, we decided to rewrite the stuffs in the assembly. So we need the assembly. But how…

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‘LocalizedLabel’ issue for importing managed solution

Some time importing a manged solution in MS CRM you will face this problem, it happens because circular ref.

Error: This solution cannot be uninstalled because the ‘LocalizedLabel’ with id ‘XXXX(Form)’ is required by the ‘*******’ solution. Uninstall the XXXXX solution and try again

To resolve this problem you need to remove that ref from database, here is the query for that

delete from [DATABASE_MSCRM].[MetadataSchema].[LocalizedLabel] where LocalizedLabelId = ‘YOUR ID’


delete from [MetadataSchema].[LocalizedLabel] where LocalizedLabelId = ‘bc2e6205-7e39-e411-8d95-0050569303a1’

That’s it!