MSD 365: October ’18 release

The October ’18 wave of business application releases from Microsoft provides you with significant capabilities to transform your business. These new services and capabilities become available starting in October 2018.  Enhancements to Dynamics 365 applications include hundreds of new capabilities across Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Portals, Omni-channel Engagement Hub, Field Service, Project Service, Social Engagement, Finance... Continue Reading →


Creating empty XRM Environment in PowerApps

Good one !! There was a one of the seminar on the same topic in CRM Saturday-Sydney by Guy Riddle.  It was awesome. As well, I was looking for that process, and this is the one.   Thanks !! Courtesy: If you are following the latest news regarding Dynamics 365 ecosystem, you are probably aware of... Continue Reading →

10 Things in Microsoft Flow that isn’t in Azure Logic Apps

Reshared blog, here is the original one. Sorry about the catchy headline.  I will start by saying I am perfectly ready to see a response post containing 20 things in Azure Logic Apps that we wish are in Microsoft Flow.  The point of this post isn't about whether one product is better than another product,... Continue Reading →

Document creation in MSD 365

Many times we need to create document in MSD CRM and or MSD 365, ex. Quote. In earlier CRM version it was not available out of the box. But as part of MSD CRM 2016 and MSD 365 its has been introduced out of the box, in few clicks we cam create document or automate... Continue Reading →

What’s new for Customer Engagement developer documentation in version 9.0

With the release of Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.0, there are a lot of changes in our developer documentation: New location: New name: Developer Guide No more monolithic SDK download Separation and fusion of reference content Client API documentation overhaul Detailed entity documentation New name: Developer Guide A Software Development Kit (SDK) is a combination... Continue Reading →

Configure the schedule board for resource availability

The Dynamics 365 for Field Service schedule board provides an overview of resource availability and bookings you can make. Before you use the schedule board, it is important to set up the views and filters to your preference. Applicable to Dynamics 365 (online) ==> Field Service, version 9.x Important To use the schedule board booking functionality,... Continue Reading →

Schedule anything with Universal Resource Scheduling

Schedule anything in Dynamics 365 using Universal Resource Scheduling. You can enable scheduling for any entity including custom entities. For example, you can enable scheduling for the opportunity form and schedule marketing visits for your opportunities. You can also do this for the case form and schedule time to work on cases. This is applicable... Continue Reading →

Colourful MSD 365 Views/Grid

Many times client ask to make views colourful based on some condition in MSD 365. In earlier MSD CRM version, it was big and totally unsupported change. But now we can do the same thing in a supported way. Here we need to create JavaScript library for this single function, as it won't work if... Continue Reading →

Editable Grid on Form and Workflow issue

In the earlier post, it's explained that how to make a view to be editable (Click here to explore that article). In this post, I will explain how to make any entity grid editable on form where it has been used as Sub-grid. Its as well a simple configuration, here are the steps for it,... Continue Reading →

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