workflow execution from Plugin

Here is quick sample code for workflow execution from Plugin ... Execute workflow ... /// <summary> /// Execute porcess /// </summary> /// <param name="entityId"></param> /// <param name="service"></param> /// <param name="workflowId"></param> private static void ExecuteProcess(IOrganizationService service, Guid entityId, Guid workflowId) { ExecuteWorkflowRequest request = new ExecuteWorkflowRequest() { WorkflowId = workflowId, EntityId = entityId }; // Execute... Continue Reading →


Editable Grid on Form and Workflow issue

In the earlier post, it's explained that how to make a view to be editable (Click here to explore that article). In this post, I will explain how to make any entity grid editable on form where it has been used as Sub-grid. Its as well a simple configuration, here are the steps for it,... Continue Reading →

MS CRM Plugin debugging

To debug plugin, we have two ways, One is explained in below provided link, I will explain the other. debugging plugin in above provided way is good but still its not that handy, and we need exception for that . But don't we have any other way fro this?..   Yes, we have ..... Continue Reading →

Sharing Records using a Workflow

We can not share records directly form out of box workflow, but by writing little code, its possible. That code with workflow is available on codeplex for free here are the links ... In both of these plug-ins, an option to ‘share’ was produced as a step when creating your workflow. When the... Continue Reading →

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