Field Service: installation

field service

Filed Service is one of the great feature available with MSD 365, here is the overview of it. Microsoft has developed managed solution for it we can install that in our environment, its available in Dynamics Marketplace.

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Upgrade MS CRM : MS CRM 2011 to MS CRM 2015


Few days back we upgraded (on premise) CRM 2011 to CRM 2015 (What’s new in MS CRM 2015), trying to summarize that upgrade. I am going to mention only the things I tried only, you may find some other alternatives for same as well. J

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Database list not found during MS CRM organisation import

Error: “Import organization wizard cannot connect to the SQL Server or cannot find an organization on “DB instance” MS CRM 2011 / 2013 / 2015 Deployment Manager” or “SQL Server is not connected please make sure that sql server service is running” or similar.

But strange thing is SQL server is running fine with some database.

Resolution: An organization with the same name ‘_MSCRM’ ending is not allowed. You can keep at max one database with ‘_MSCRM’ ending.

That’s it.

MS Dynamics CRM insatlaltion

And finally, I got chance to install MS Dynamics CRM. I was waiting for this for longtime. Well, to install MS CRM 2013, you have to complete prerequisite, then only your CRM installation will be complete. so please go thru it.

  1. Download MS CRM from Microsoft site and execute it
  2. before that, it you are installing MS CRM on MS Windows Server 2012 then you might needs to resolve some issue. Here is resolution for it.
  3. Now execute MS CRM setup, it will launch installation wizard, ref below screen

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MS Windows server 2012 not allowing to insatll MS CRM 2015

Recently, I was installing MS CRM 2015 on MS Windows 2012, but it did not allow me to do so. After little search on google, I found that its known error of windows server. To fix this issue you need to install some hotfixes ( 2939087 , 2975061 and  reinstall update 2919355)  , it fixes installation of MS CRM. For more info here is the link.

Thanks you.