workflow execution from Plugin

Here is quick sample code for workflow execution from Plugin ... Execute workflow ... /// <summary> /// Execute porcess /// </summary> /// <param name="entityId"></param> /// <param name="service"></param> /// <param name="workflowId"></param> private static void ExecuteProcess(IOrganizationService service, Guid entityId, Guid workflowId) { ExecuteWorkflowRequest request = new ExecuteWorkflowRequest() { WorkflowId = workflowId, EntityId = entityId }; // Execute... Continue Reading →


Field Service: Sample data installation

While studying Field Service, Field Service installation is not enough,  we need to install sample data or seed data in the environment, so we will get clear idea of how its looks like and we can play with that sample data just like real one. As well, it can be used for demo purpose. So... Continue Reading →

Field Service: overview

Field Service Overview Field Service capabilities extend Dynamics 365 to provide a complete Field Service management solution. It helps to.... Optimize your service schedule with efficient routing, resource skill matching, and reduced travel time. Increase first time fix rates and on-time delivery performance. Enhance real-time communication and collaboration between customer service, dispatch, field agents, and... Continue Reading →

Field Service: installation

Filed Service is one of the great feature available with MSD 365, here is the overview of it. Microsoft has developed managed solution for it we can install that in our environment, its available in Dynamics Marketplace. Here are steps to install that in the environment....  Open your MSD 365 environment  Go to settings >>... Continue Reading →

Open create ‘Form’ from sub-grid directly by avoiding associated records between entities

In MSD 365, when we add sub-grid on form by creating relation between two entities, it will gives Create (+) button and associate view button. When we click on Create (+) button, dynamics shows already created associations between these two entities, ref below screen shots... Some time we don't require this associated records and always... Continue Reading →

Fetch all parents who does not have child

In one of scenario I was looking for all available Assets only, means show only those assets who are available for particular data range. Just like get all parents who does not have any child. So, after some googling i found below way, but i was showing all booked and non booked assets for given... Continue Reading →

Editable Grid: Make it read only

We have a out the box option to make editable grid read only on the from it self but its applicable only for the views not for the sub-grids. Thus, with small JavaScript we can make it read only based on our business requirements. Here is the sample code for it function setFieldsDisabled(context) { context.getFormContext().getData().getEntity().attributes.forEach(function... Continue Reading →

Get data from selected rows of Sub-Grid

Here is the sample code to get desired data ( sample shows about GUIDS) from selected rows from the editable grid. function GetSelecctedGuidsFromGrid() { //Get an array of entity references for all selected rows in the subgrid     var selectedEntityReferences = [];     var sGuids = ""; //get selected rows from grid   ... Continue Reading →

Document creation in MSD 365

Many times we need to create document in MSD CRM and or MSD 365, ex. Quote. In earlier CRM version it was not available out of the box. But as part of MSD CRM 2016 and MSD 365 its has been introduced out of the box, in few clicks we cam create document or automate... Continue Reading →

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